Historical information

Photos of the 50th Anniversary Dinner on 6 October 1973 held at Chaucers. (date to be verified).
00453.1 shows the President Geoff Handbury making a speech. 00453.2 shows John Flynn, the President of Colac branch making a speech.
Chaucers was a reception and conference centre in Canterbury, Melbourne, before it was sold in 1999 after operating 28 years (Telegraph news article from the web).
Photos came from an envelope marked P1 Federal Conference 1973 / 50 Year anniversary / 1983 Morewell / 1973 Legacy March ANZAC Day, 50 yr celebration, inclusion in ANZAC Day March authority of RSL". See items 00451,00452, 00391.


A record of a dinner marking the 50th anniversary of Legacy during the Golden Jubilee year 1973.

Physical description

Black and white photo x 2 of speeches at Legacy 50th anniversary dinner.

Inscriptions & markings

Both stamped "This Photograph is the compliments of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Victoria. Please acknowledge Michael Cheshire" in grey ink.
00453.1 Label on front says 'President'. On reverse 'Legacy Conference Jubilee Dinner at Chaucers 1973. Geoff Handbury and John Flynn (Colac)' in blue pen.
00453.2 Label on front says 'Toast to Legacy L/John Flynn, President Colac'.