Historical information

Documents relate to aspects of Legacy committees from as early as 1923 to 1950. In the original archive project these documents were put together.
The card (two copies) is a promotion of the Deceased Soldiers Children Welfare Committee. It is asking the Legatees where they would like to help - for instance the Junior Boys Club, the holiday camp, Big Brothers for deceased comrades sons, or with vocational placements. This shows that the legatees were being reminded of their obligation to Legacy. It also captures the part of the poem 'In Flanders Field' that relates to the Torch and a quote about Legacy's work. It is from approximately 1927.
A letter dated 1966, that accompanies these cards is from Frank Doolan and it claims that this might the sole surviving example of the brochure. He says it is an 'early Legacy story' that is now nearly 40 years old. It also says : 'In those days Literary and debating amongst boys was an important part of our weekly Boys Class, under Jim Gillespie, Alan Murray, Harold Peters and Co, and we turned out some remarkable boys including Ted Kennedy, Graham Billiet, Jack Covue and Jim McGregor, and entered several of them at Ballarat South Street in this year of 1928, which was also the year of the first demonstration in the Melbourne Town Hall.'
Another letter is to Legatee Joynt from Legatee J Barnes dated 18th November 1938, it mentions that the recent Clothing Committee meeting had decided it was better to approach Legatee wives directly to get donations of clothing for the junior legatees, by ringing them. It was attached to a report on the meeting of the Clothing Committee from 11 November 1938.
A third letter is a a cover letter to the Chairman of Legacy (W E Orr) attached to the resolutions made at the Welfare Sub Committee meeting on 29 August 1950. One recommendation was the hiring of a full time social worker and that the Contact Committee be reconvened to oversea contact with the widows.


These documents are a snap shot of some of the work legatees were doing in sub committees to achieve the aims of Legacy.

Physical description

Documents and a brochure relating to the Welfare Committee of Legacy in the 1930s.