Historical information

Photos of gathering at the Legacy Garden of Appreciation for the installation of the ‘Widow and Children’ statue by Louis Laumen - a Melbourne artist. The statue dedication was held on 29 September 1998.
The plaque at the garden says “A living tribute to the generous support of Victorians for the work of Legacy.
The sculpture symbolises the work of Legacy caring for the widows and children of veterans.
The Flanders Poppies which bloom around November have their origin on the World War I battlefields of Belgium and France.”
00498.3 is the sculptor Louis Laumen with President Tom Butcher
00498.4 shows the sculptor Louis Laumen and a lady
00498.5 Legatee David Cull and a lady in uniform.
00498.6 and 00498.7 show legatees Lucky Luscombe and Tom Butcher with a lady, perhaps a Legacy widow.


A record of the unveiling of the ‘Widow and Children’ sculpture in the Legacy Garden of Appreciation.

Physical description

Colour photo x 7 of the dedication of the Widow and Children statue.

Inscriptions & markings

00498.7 has label attached "The Legacy statue was dedicated in 75th year at the Shrine of Remembrance"