Historical information

The Geelong Harbour Trust Band was one of five brass bands existing in the Geelong area in the early 1900's. They were quite successful in competition under the direction of conductor Mr Harry Shugg. After their conductor, Harry Shugg left to conductor the Malvern Tramways Band in 1915, the band merged with the Geelong Municipal Band to become the Geelong City Band.


This postcard is significant as it provides a historical window on this (former) brass band and their achievements. The postcard is also significant as it is part of a series of four in the VBL's collection which have Mr Harry Shugg (conductor) as a central figure.

Physical description

Rectangular black and white photograph printed on a postcard.

Inscriptions & markings

Front: "GEELONG HARBOUR TRUST BAND, Winners of Double Event, Ballarat, 1910, B and C Grades
On a Complete Set of Higham Clear Bore Band Instruments. LYONS, Sole Agend, 256 Bourke St., Melb.