Historical information

A function at Legacy House, the guest speaker appears to be Normie Rowe and Bruce Ruxton also was a guest. It could have been the launch of Badge Week in 1999, Graham Riches is the president. (See also 00730).
00729.1 Normie Rowe (a singer and Vietnam veteran) and Bruce Ruxton, President of R.S.L.
00729.2 Normie Rowe speaking.
00729.3 Second from left is L/ Alan Fookes, then Rob Gell (a TV presenter) and on the right is Dave MacDonald.
00729.4 John Ritchie, Wing Commander, L/ Allan Couper and Betty Hurdman.
00729.5 Man on the left is unknown, second from left is Major Hugh Carson from Department of Defence, Ben Simpson and another officer from the Department of Defence.
00729.6 Man on the left is unknown, second from left is Judith Robertson, Captain David Cotsell and Carmel McConnell, a public relations officer for Legacy.
00729.7 L/ Ray Ward is with Peter Lawrence, Councillor Wellington Lee and another man.
00729.8 Brendan Lynch on the left and Chris Coates on the right and another man.
00729.9 Councillor Wellington Lee and President Graham Riches.


A record of a function for Legatees.

Physical description

Colour photo x 9 of guests at Legacy house.

Inscriptions & markings

Printing on the back " 6991" which is the negative frame number and film number, so they from the same film. (frame numbers 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 17). Yellow Post-it note says: "Badge Launch 1999".