Historical information

Correspondence showing the return of money borrowed to fund the writing of the biography of Legatee Savige.
00782.2 and 00782.3 are letters to H.G. Brain as one of the donors who financed the publication of the biography of Sir Stanley Savige, enclosing receipts for 200 pounds (00782.1).
Of particular interest is the 3d (threepenny) Victorian Stamp Duty stamp stuck to the receipts and overwritten in blue ink to denote they are duplicates, which indicative of government regulations at the time (1957).
00782.4 is a copy of a letter sent to W.B. Russell (the author) confirming the arrangements for writing and payment of the book.


A record of some of the financial arrangements made by the publishing committee in order to get the biography written and published.

Physical description

Receipt copies x 3, with green 3d. Victoria Stamp Duty stamps affixed
White typewritten letters x 3.

Inscriptions & markings

Receipts signed, dated and marked 'Duplicate' in blue ink.
00782.2 signed in blue ink 'W.W. Cooper' and annotated in pencil (writing illegible)
00782.3 signed in blue ink 'W.W. Cooper'