Historical information

Jack Lang was a former NSW ALP state treasurer and was elected Premier on two occasions. His government was dismissed in his second term of government by the State Governor due to his defying the Commonwealth Government's financial agreements' legislation. Sir Philip Game was the State Governor who dismissed Lang. The author of this book is the daughter of the secretary to the Philip Game.

Unlike Sir John Kerr (who dismissed Prime Minister Whitlam in 1975), Game expressed some uncertainty about whether his decision to sack Lang's government was sound:

"In spite of the popular endorsement of my assassin's stroke, I am still wondering if I did right. I still believe that Lang has a great deal of right on his side, that a lot of what he advocates will have come to pass, and that the extremists on the other side are a greater danger than extreme Labour." (From a personal letter written by Sir Philip Game on July 2nd, 1932.)" (Back dust jacket.)


Political and social history.

Physical description

Book; 223 pages.

Front cover: blue and white background; photograph of Jack Lang, Sir Philip Game and one other; black lettering; author's name and title. Dust jacket.

Back cover: various quotations from Jack Lang, Philip Game, the author and Lady Game.

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