Historical information

The picture shows the Ararat Citizens' Band (as it was then known) competing in the Royal South Street Society contests in 1948 or 1949. The Ararat Citizens' Band is a very well known band and is still in existence as the Ararat City Band. The Ararat Band have been regular competitors in Victorian Bands' League events over the past century.


This photograph is significant as it shows the discipline of a brass band while participating in a marching contest. The Quickstep and Street March contests at Ballarat were highlights of brass band competitions and always drew large crowds. The year of this photo is also significant as it was the first year the Royal South Street Society held band contests after the 2nd World War.

Physical description

Rectangular black and white photograph mounted on card. A sheet of paper has been stuck to the back with a list of the names of band members at the time.

Inscriptions & markings

Front: (in pencil) Ararat City 1948-9?

N. R. Harvey

Back: List of names:

Drum Major
W. Limmom
F.R. A. Francis W. Ling W. Carther L. Vamos W. Cook
2nd R. T Lyth R. Humphries R. Lyth N. Cooper
3rd R. I. Tink A. Robinson J. Greenwell L. Ogilvie A. Chiller
4th R. L. Trafar L. Ling A. Turner D.W. Powell S. Caddy J. Riley