Historical information

Letter thanking Legatee Rex Hall for congratulations for an award, accepting an invitation to speak at a future Legacy Luncheon, and the pride that Sir William takes in that the award recognizes the support of his wife Dulcie. Then there is a hand written note from L/- Rex Hall as a reply with possible dates that Sir William could speak. Legatees met regularly and had guest speakers to entertain and inform on different subjects at their Tuesday Luncheons. This document was from a file of information about guest speakers (see also 00812-00822 and 00830-00837). The Programme Committee was responsible for organising the speakers.


A record of correspondence between RSL and Legacy and shows Legacy invited speakers from many areas. Also Sir William Keys attributes the honor of recieving the award as much to his wife Dulcie support, as to his own personal contribution.

Physical description

00830.1 White A4 letter on RSL letterhead to Rex Hall at Legacy from Bill Keys on 22 January 1980. 00830.2 White notepaper carbon copy of a handwritten reply.

Inscriptions & markings

00830.1 Signed by Bill Keys in black pen. 00830.2 Carbon copy of handwritten note.