Historical information

The Victorian Bands' League was officially founded on the 10th of April, 1931. This new organisation quickly gained the affliations of all brass bands in Victoria and took over the control of bands from the Victorian Bands' Association. The new VBL started presenting massed bands events at the MCG and ran competitions around Victoria. This program pamphlet is a unique example of the style of massed bands events that were held at the MCG with 24 brass bands all marching into the ground and performing a number of items individually or in groups. This would have been quite a spectacle!


This small program is very significant to the banding history in Victoria. It provides a wealth of information as to the bands that existed in 1933 as well as what they played, and how the VBL organised events. As well as this, there is evidence of a large number of metropolitan bands as well as bands from country areas.

Physical description

Small printed pamphlet on thin paper.