Historical information

This is a unique item of band history. Here we have a circular that was sent around to the citizens of Richmond advising them to check the identity of their collectors to make sure they weren't from the rival band! The Richmond City Band was formed in 1900 but only lasted another 30 years. The rival band was the Richmond Boys' Band. The circular also outlines the success of the band in competitions as well as the amount of money it has raised for charities. This circular presents a window on the past activities of the band which is special considering records of the band are few and far between - their band hall was destroyed by fire in 1926.


This circular is significant as a record of the activities of the Richmond City Band. As most of the records of the band are presumed to be lost due to a fire in 1926, this is one record that shows the activities of the band as well as rivalries with other bands in the district.

Physical description

Printed on newspaper