Historical information

Various letters written to Mrs P Amery of 11 Maury Road, Chelsea during her role as the Honorary Secretary for the Chelsea RVIB Auxiliary. Correspondence between Head Office and the Auxiliaries (who provided a lifeline of donations) was a crucial way to maintaining a good relationship, providing support and acknowledgement for the hard work undertaken by volunteers.

A summary of these letters is listed below:
1939 - Appreciation for holding the role as Honorary Secretary.
1941 - Congratulations on appointment as secretary to the RVIB Chelsea Auxiliary.
1944 - Congratulations on re-election as Honorary Secretary
1952 - Acknowledgement of unselfish and valued service upon her retirement of the Secretary role.
1954 - Acknowledgement of service upon her retirement on behalf of the President and Committee members of the Chelsea auxiliary

Physical description

5 letters from the RVIB to Mrs P Amery

Inscriptions & markings

Various illustrations based upon the letterhead used at the time