Historical information

Legacy staff numbers when this document was written in 1990 were 28 full time staff and 5 part time.
In 1982 there were 31 full time and 1 part time. The report discusses increasing the hours of a clerk/typist, not re-appointing a person to replace The Senior Pensions Advocate and a new appointment with computer skills.
Wages increased by 53.3%. The wage increase was in line with award rates. Salaries rose by 51.8% from June1983 to April 1990. The report also discusses staff leave, work environment, staff morale and adequacy of office equipment. The future (3-5 years) was discussed in regard to pensions, welfare, housing accommodation for widows and handicapped dependants and fund raising.
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There were a number of suggestions as to how to maintain current activities and not employ extra staff.
The question was asked " Should we now in 1990 be encouraging our Executive Officer to make greater input on our decision making and be given greater resposibility"?


Melbourne Legacy has been continually discussing and updating its programe and procedures to maintain its relevance.

Physical description

White foolscap paper with black type, 5 pages about staff organisation.