Historical information

Used by RAAF personell in accommodation quarters 1942 -1946. WWII wartime objects – living in the RAAF camp . They provide evidence of the contents of the RAAF barracks and recreation hut erected in 1942 and occupied until 1945. Some of the items such as cutlery, a wood heater/stove, domestic radio (remnants) were used in daily life by servicemen. Spoons x 3 (WPLS 0101.3; likely provenance); spoon and knife (0148.2 likely provenance)The two metal small spoons, two large spoons and knife without its handle are known to have been
used by WWII RAAF or navy personnel in their accommodation quarters 1942-1945.


The items, if original to the site, have second level contributory significance for the evidence they provide of the WWII buildings and their use between 1942 and 1945.

Physical description

Metal spoon and a serrated edged knife without a handle. Both items have some corrosion.