Historical information

The catalogue includes twenty-one diverse types of bottles ranging from beer, soft drink and chutney bottles to bottles designed to hold perfume, medicines and poisons. They appear to range in date from the nineteenth to c.mid-twentieth centuries and represent various types of mass-produced consumer goods that were commonly available at the time. The five different types of bottles included in 0156.5 are made of clear glass with tapered necks and narrow openings to facilitate pouring. One can be positively identified as an imported mineral soda water/soft drink bottle because of the marble stopper in the neck and thickness of the glass. The globe-stopper bottle, also known as a ‘Codd’ bottle, was invented by English engineer, Hiram Codd in 1873 for holding gaseous soft drinks. The thick glass could withstand the pressure of the contents as well as repeated bottling by manufacturers. The bottles were probably used by former lightkeeper households. and tapered, narrow necks. The older ‘porter’ has a slightly bulbous neck. The bottles were probably used by former lightkeeper residents.

Physical description

Five glass bottles. Four are clear glass and one has coloured to green.