Historical information

The items include a wooden ruler, masonite and metal clipboard, metal stapler and desk calendar holder made of metal, date from the 1970s. Three clear glass ink bottles and a black Bakelite fountain pen with screw on top are a little earlier in date, and all appear to have a reliable provenance to the lightstation. They have second level significance as small items of office equipment used in the day-to-day running of the lightstation. Maintaining the lightstation – equipment (themes 2, 3, 5) This sub-collection of workplace objects under the main theme of ‘Running the Lightstation’, includes the equipment used for and maintaining the lightstation.


All have second level contributory significance for the insights they provide into the types of appliances needed to keep the lightstation running and functioning as a navigation aid.

Physical description

Metal clipboard, wooden ruler, metal stapler metal calendar /date holder.