Historical information

These meetings were held at the Kooyong office and the minutes include Present, Chair, Apologies, Minutes, Matter arising from minutes, Correspondence, Life governors, Election of members, Nominations, Reports from Regional Blind Members groups. Some highlights are:
30/6/1990 under the capable leadership of Mrs Elsie Germon the schools programme has been re-convened. Regular visits are being made to primary schools. Speakers are accompanied by sighted guides.
9/8/1991 Executive Director, Mr John Cook reported merger of the Braille & Talking Book Library with AFB. First radio appeal for 3RPH raising over $30,000, opening of the new Baringa Day Centre at Shepparton.
30/6/1996 the annual report highlighted the Centenary of AFB it was noted that self-help has always been the major emphasis underpinning the work of the Blind Member's Council. The Tilly Aston Fund raised over $1/2 million for the new National Information Centre. The peer support work and monitoring of services, ensures that we give back something to AFB, for the support we receive. BMC representatives made 70 visits across the State. The Council registered the Tilly Aston Rhododendron as a lasting way of acknowledging the work of our founder.
19/9/1997 The Chairman welcomed those present to the second combined meeting of the AFB and the Tilly Aston Customer Council. The Council welcomed the change in Articles and Memorandum of the Association and the formation of the Tilly Aston Customer Council which allowed all customer of the Association automatic membership and input to the monitoring of services.

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Minute book of Blind Members Council annual reports and general meetings