Historical information

The Kew Historical Society's postcard collection includes views of Kew, Melbourne and Greater Melbourne as well as those including overseas scenes sent or received from Europe or the Middle East. They date from the 1890s to the 2000s. These postcards may or may not include the name of the publisher or printer. A number of the cards were published as parts of popular series. A way of dating early postcards is to identify whether the reverse was divided by a central line which became the norm after 1902 in the United Kingdom. However, other postcards produced after this date do not always conform to this print layout.


The item forms part of the Laurie Bennett collection of thirty-six postcards and photographs of Kew and early Melbourne, donated to the Kew Historical Society in 1980. The postcards in the Bennett collection, like other images in the Society's holdings date from the 1890s to the present and comprehensively indicate points-of-view or scenes considered historically, aesthetically or socially significant in the period in which they were produced.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of the horse tram in High Street, Kew, outside the Boroondara (Kew) General Cemetery. The horse tram was a form of public transport linking the Cemetery with Victoria Bridge.The reverse of the photo identifies the year as 1910. The photo is one of a series of postcards / photographs donated to the Kew Historical Society by L. Bennett in 1980.

Inscriptions & markings

Reverse: "1910. Donated by L. Bennett 1980. Reg No. KH-402"