Historical information

Item donated. Day book kept by Alexander Walker, Cartage Contractor, father of Council employee Bill Walker, as noted by Jean Telford. On pages 156- 159, Walker records details of an incident between William Oaks and himself when they were in the Boot Shop of Mr George Chatfield and Oaks accused Walker of stealing his fence.Oaks called him a liar, a rogue,a thief and a coward. Walker justifies his behaviour with respect to the wood in dispute. Page 185.

Physical description

Very old day book with heavy cardboard covers with most of original green colour removed by daily use. Binding black.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside front cover: A. Walker / Bright / 26th Augt./ 1897 Numerical additions -see image
Front page: Top of page: Myrtleford / inscription crossed out - see image
Further down page: Day Book / 5th Oct. '03 /Alexr. Walker / Gavan St / Bright
Below above inscription: Alex Walker - Cartage Contractor / Father of late Bill Walker - Council Employee / Bright