Historical information

Stencil used by Sgt. Albert David Lowerson, VC, a soldier settler on Merriang Estate near Myrtleford. Lowerson acquired one of 19 blocks assigned by the Closer Settlement Board on the 700 acre estate in 1920. The stencil marked bales of cured tobacco leaves prior to shipment to Melbourne. Lowerson was one of the few successful soldier settler farmers in the district, operating a piggery, dairy farming and growing tobacco for almost 20 years on "St. Quentin". (Lowerson was awarded the Victoria Cross at Mont St. Quentin on September 1, 1918.) His success and status enabled him to lead a submission on farm debt and infrastructure problems when the soldier settlement scheme was being reviewed at government level. He was active locally on these issues and supported fund raising for a war memorial, memorial hall and veteran welfare.


The stencil represents the achievements of A.D.Lowerson, VC as an isolated example of success as a WW1 soldier settler and as a local identity who stridently supported the need for recognition and support of ex-service personnel.

Physical description

Stencil made of thin sheet metal, rusted .Wording of stencil "A.D.LOWERSON. MYRTLEFORD."