Historical information

For many years Legacy had a "Back to Caulfield Race Day" for Legatees, widows and their families. 1995 was the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 2 and the race day was part of the "Australia Remembers" commemorations. Also a Legacy 'Lone Pine' was planted. The article in the Answer says: "Over 800 members of the Legacy family (past and present) reunite at the "Australia Remembers" Back to Caulfield Commemorative Race Day held on August 12th. It was a special day which incorporated a wide range of activities, including a display of military vehicles, a flyover, a parachute jump by the Red Berets, military bands, and displays of memorabilia when the racecourse was used as an army camp. An official ceremony also included the presentation of a Legacy 'Lone Pine' (a descendant of the Gallipoli 'Lone Pine') by the President of the Melbourne Legacy, Legatee David Millie, which was very warmly received by the Chairman of the V.A.T.C., Mr Peter Lawrence.


Legacy retains a tie with Caulfield racecourse as it was once an army camp and staging post of young men going overseas to war and now it is the site of a lone pine. The annual gathering at Caulfield racecourse was an event that gets the Legacy family together.

Physical description

Colour photo x 3 of an event at Caulfield racecourse, and an article in The Answer.

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Printed on the back film number 786 No. 7A and No. 19A. Film number 787 No. 9A.