Historical information

For many years Legacy had a "Back to Caulfield Race Day" for Legatees, widows and their families. In 1995 a Legacy 'Lone Pine' was planted. The article in the Answer says: “We were delighted with the many Legacy Widows, Legatees and friends of Legacy who participated in the Commemorative Race Day at Caulfield Sunday 25th August - marking the 75th anniversary of the RAAF. The VATC had a range of displays and activities including a breathtaking parachute demonstration by the Blue Eagles. It was touch and go for a while due to the weather conditions but once the Blue Eagles jumped they all reached their designated target in front of the winning post. Legacy even had a special race named after it: “The Legacy Widows Appeal Handicap”. Our thanks to the VATC for this courtesy. Hope we had a few winners! Vice President, Legatee Brian ‘Lucky’ Luscombe placed a wreath at the legacy ‘Lone Pine’ - a descendant of the Gallipoli ‘Lone Pine’ on behalf of the Legacy Family. The historic tree was presented to Caulfield last year as part of the events to mark the 1995 Australia Remembers year.” The photos show children playing mini golf as well as the Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia with old military equipment and wearing old military uniforms. The racecourse also had a vintage plane on display with military vehicles.


Legacy retains a tie with Caulfield racecourse as it was once an army camp and staging post of young men going overseas to war and now it is the site of a lone pine. The annual gathering at Caulfield racecourse was an event that gets the Legacy family together.

Physical description

Colour photo x 18 of an event at Caulfield racecourse in 1996 and an article in The Answer.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed on back JV6 12+02 . . . 353, which is the negative frame number and processing number.