Historical information

For many years Legacy had a "Back to Caulfield Race Day" for Legatees, widows and their families. In 1995 a Legacy 'Lone Pine' was planted. President Luscombe laid a wreath at the Lone pine tree. The article in the Answer says: "In spite of a somewhat 'windy' day for out "Back to Caulfield" race day, it was another success. Our President Legatee Brian (Lucky) Luscombe and Mr Peter Lawrence, Chairman of the VATC both made a speech and each laid a wreath at our 'Lone Pine' tree - a descendant of the Gallipoli 'Lone Pine'. Our pine tree was getting blown around ferociously, but its roots are firm - just like Legacy."


Legacy retains a tie with Caulfield racecourse as it was once an army camp and staging post of young men going overseas to war and now it is the site of a lone pine. The annual gathering at Caulfield racecourse was an event that gets the Legacy family together.

Physical description

Colour photo x 7 of an event at Caulfield racecourse, and an article in The Answer.