Historical information

A photo of a wreath laying ceremony on Anzac day in Thames Embankment Gardens, Charing Cross, London in 1974 from a Comradeship album. The label identifies Legatee Rex Hall. The handwritten inscription on the back says: "In Thames Embankment Gardens, out___ by members of the Corps 1920. Placing the wreath on Anzac Day 1974.
From Left - Tyrone, grandson of Pat Hanna, Mrs Dorothy Roberts, Jessie Pat's widow, Friedl, Pat's granddaughter, ___ ___ Pattie, Pat's daughter.
The Imperial Camel Corps fought in every battle in Sinai and Palestine and had 1600 battle casualties of which about 300 names are engraved here.
The Corps was composed of 50% Australian, New Zealand troops and 50% British-English, Scottish, Welsh and Indians."
The Comradeship committee gathered photos of events and compiled them in a Comradeship photo album for Legatees to look through. This photo and several others (see 01029 - 01032) of Anzac services in London are part of a photo album of Comradeship activities (from 1930 to 1977) see items 01027 to 01036.


The Comradeship photo album was put together by the Comradeship committee and records events that Legatees did and places they lived or visited. Some appear to be trips to visit other Legatees living overseas and social occasions held in different places. It shows the bond that Legatees have with each other.

Physical description

Black and white photo of Anzac Day in London in 1974.

Inscriptions & markings

Label pasted on the front: Anzac Day London 1974. L/Rex Hall and Camel Corps memorial / Third from left - Jessie Hand and Tyrone and Friedl.
On the back handwritten description and stamped in grey ink 'J.A.Ballard photography / London'