Historical information

A variety of photos from a Comradeship album. The Comradeship committee gathered photos of events and compiled them in a Comradeship photo album for Legatees to look through.
01033.1 A photo of legatees seated around tables. The caption said: L/Donovan Joynt, V.C. at an Anzac party.
01033.2 A page of photos including "Meet the Pres." party in 1971. The photos of Legatees in fancy dress have 23 April 1970 stamped on the back. Also a party at Legatee Norman Lofts' house in London in 1974 and on the back it says Norman was preparing for Ascot June 1974. A legatee at lower right is Howard Hider.
01033.3 A post card of a first world war memorial in Albany WA.
01033.4 A photo of soldiers from the first world war made into a postcard. The names on the photo are L. Liddell, Sgt Harvey Etchins (?), W Brown of the 24th Battalion P__. On the back, handwritten in blue pen, "Yesterday to Day. To Frank from Wal Brown". L Liddell may be David Leslie Liddell, service no 680A (source AWM). Wal Brown may be Walter Charles Brown, Service no 3278 (source AWM).
01033.5-6 Two colour photos of "Meet the Pres. L'tee Bradie Healesville 1974.
01033.7 A black and white photo of Legatees at a table and labelled Anzac Parade 1974.
01033.8 A black and white photo of three Legatees, possibly in fancy dress (cowboy hat, fez).
01033.9-10 Two colour photos of Legatees on the overland train to Perth for the National Conference in 1977, including L/ Frank Doolan, L/ Louis and Amorel Lothian. The other photo is L/s Frank Doolan and Rex Hall sitting together.
01033.11 A colour photo of L/ Rex Hall being awarded first prize for a rendition of Maurice Chevellier "Leetle girls were make to love and kees", in July 1976 - event and venue not known.
01033.12 L/ Rex Hall sitting with Mrs Pat Cahill on the SS Oriana on 10 March 1974. Mrs Cahill was the daughter of David H Dureau whose associate donated funds that enabled the purchase of Legacy House in his memory.
01033.13 L/ Escott in Tewantin Qld in 1986 found an aged care home with his name. The handwriting on the back of the photo pointed out he was not a resident.
01033.14 L/ Escott with Sir Walter Campbell, Governor of Queensland on 11 April 1986 at Government House Qld.
01033.15 The governor of Queensland presenting Legatee Escott with the B.E.M. on 11 April 1986.
The items were part of a photo album of Comradeship activities (from 1930 to 1977) see items 01027 to 01036.


The Comradeship photo album was put together by the Comradeship committee and records events that Legatees did and places they lived or visited. Some appear to be trips to visit other Legatees living overseas and social occasions held in different places. It shows the bond that Legatees have with each other.

Physical description

Colour photo x 20 from a Comradeship committee photo album.

Inscriptions & markings

Various labels for the photos.