Historical information

A photo of Professor Geoffrey Blainey speaking at a the public launch of Legacy Week at the ANZ Pavilion at the Victorian Arts Centre. The date is 23 August 1988. Also a photo of John Lady and Terry Hawksley. The attached label says: " Melbourne Legacy held its first official public launch - a luncheon for Melbourne's leading business community at the ANZ Pavilion at the Victorian Arts Centre to highlight 'Legacy Week'. Professor Geoffrey Blainey, AO, addressed the guests and was joined by Legacy's 1988 personality, Australia's first under 4 minute miler, John Lady." They were in a folio of photos from 1988. (see also 001042 to 01049) From Wikipedia: "Geoffrey Norman Blainey AC, FAHA, FASSA (born 11 March 1930) is an Australian historian, academic, philanthropist and commentator with a wide international audience. Biographer Geoffrey Bolton argues that he has played multiple roles as an Australian historian: He first came to prominence in the 1950s as a pioneer in the neglected field of Australian business history....He produced during the 1960s and 1970s a number of surveys of Australian history in which explanation was organized around the exploration of the impact of the single factor (distance, mining, pre-settlement Aboriginal society).... Blainey next turned to the rhythms of global history in the industrial period.... Because of his authority as a historian, he was increasingly in demand as a commentator on Australian public affairs." From the name badges the attendees included: 1. Geoffrey Blainey. 2. John Landy and Terry Hawksley. 3. A girl and L/ Geoff Swan. 4. L/ David Millie and Jim Madden. 5. John ? and L/ Colin Bannister. 6. Patsy Adam-Smith (?) and artist Geoffrey Mallett. 7. ? and Jim Dickson. 8. Peter Prior and Abe Birmingham. 9. President Chas Wilks speaking. 10. President Chas Wilks and Rupe Thomas.


A record of celebrities being involved in promoting Legacy Week in 1988 and an official launch at Victorian Arts Centre.

Physical description

Colour photo x 10 of public launch of Legacy Week in 1988.

Inscriptions & markings

Yellow paper label explaining the event in black type.