Historical information

There was a program to send young legatees on trips on the Alma Doepel sailing ship through the 1980s and 90s. The articles from the Answer show timetables and criteria for nomination of junior legatees to be selected on the trips. One of these articles mentions the war service of the Alma Doepel - the only ship with served in World War II that was still active in 1995.
These photos were in a folio of photos from 1988 to 1990. They were taken by Peter from Keesing Photographers before the journey started on 27 November 1988. Other photos from the same trip are at 01530 and taken by a Legatee.
The letter was with the photos but is from a different voyage and is dated 30 December 1996. A Junior Legatee, Kim Anderson, wrote to Legacy thanking them for the opportunity to be on a 9 day voyage on the Alma Doepel. She mentions: "I learnt not only .. how to sail .. but also about teamwork, responsibility, friendship and respect."
Also: "As one of the older children who attend these activities I feel I can now appreciate the thought and organisation that goes into these days and camps much more."


A record of a Legacy providing amazing experiences for the junior legatees that they might never have done because of the deaths of their fathers.

Physical description

Colour photo x 6 of Junior Legatees on the Alma Doepel and a letter thanking Legacy for the opportunity.

Inscriptions & markings

White paper labels with black type "First day aboard the 'Alma Doepel'. Junior Legatees from Victoria and interstate listen anxiously to the Captain at the start of a 10 day voyage of a life-time around Port Phillip Bay.
Hand written on the back 881227/9 and 881227/4 in black texta.