Historical information

The Broom was won by the company which totalled the most points in the battalions annual camp

Physical description

Wooden handled straw broom with 7 inscribed brass bands on the handle, two bands connecting the straw head to the wooden handle and a 75mm thick brass band with a 6Bn the Melbourne Regt. badge engraved on it over the straw head. A small paper slip with the story of the broom has been slipped behind this band.

Inscriptions & markings

" The Royal Melbourne Regiment" "Semper Paratus"
'CAMP 1949 "A" &"D" COYS '
'CAMP 1950 "A" COY'
'CAMP 1951 "B" COY'
'CAMP 1952 "B" COY'
'CAMP 1953 "SP" COY'
'CAMP 1954 "SP" COY'
'CAMP 1955 "B" COY'