Historical information

Names of members on back of photograph.
BACK ROW: J.S.Lechan, H.Beechley, N.Lucas, B.Wodetzki, B.Lucas, B.Wright, A.Harrison, T.Coghlan, J.Gook, C.Wright
MIDDLE ROW: T. Kossock, F.Harrison, *. Wilson, A.Cumming, R.Lucas, B.Wylie, E.Fogarty, P.Lucas, E.Burge, B.Pissoli, J.Scholes
SEATED: T.Stewart, B.Harrison, A.Broewn, B.Prouse, J.Harrison, *. Brown, B.Carr


The band originally started in 1910. Mr William Heap was the first bandmaster with about 32 members. The second bandmaster was Mr George Prouse, Eaglehawk, followed by Mr William Wallace of Inglewood who was in charge until the band disbanded in 1914 due to the WW1. Twenty Eight of the 32 members enlisted and served overseas.
More REF in Catalogue No 11.

Physical description

Framed black and white photographic print of Bridgewater Brass Bandsmen in Formal Suits standing in an outdoor setting

Inscriptions & markings

A.G. Lo--- (in lower right hand corner)