Historical information

Train timetable including a history of Kew and advertisements for local retailers and merchants. Given the frequency of times mentioned, Coopers Kew Flyer may have been the distributor and producer. There is no indication that it is an official tram or railway publication. During the second half of the 19th century when the booklet was produced there was only a horse tram (1887-1914) and the Kew Railway Line (1887-1952). The Kew section of the Outer Circle Line functioned until 1893.


Historically significant item documenting Kew's history in the 19th century. The item is the earliest piece in the collection documenting aspects of the Kew Railway Line.

Physical description

Small 30-page booklet containing a train and tram timetable for public transport in Kew (Vic). The booklet also contains a brief history of Kew and advertisements for local retailers. Pages can be viewed by scrolling through the attached images.

Inscriptions & markings

"Gift of C.W. Fairhall, Box Hill, 1990"