Historical information

In August, 1920, The Kew Town Council decided to establish a Baby Health Centre in Kew. The first Centre was opened in a room in the Town Hall in Walpole Street on 5 November 1920. In May 1939, the Railway Commissioners agreed to lease a site at the Kew Railway Station for a Baby Health Centre for a term of 21 years at 3 pounds per annum. A building, designed by Roland Chipperfield, was erected, and the Centre previously conducted at the Town Hall transferred there. This became known as the Denmark Street Baby Health Centre.
(Cr. W.D. Vaughan, Kew’s Civic Century, W.D. Vaughan Pty Ltd., Kew, 1960, pp.96 & 97.)

Physical description

One of a pair of wooden puzzles used in the Denmark Street Baby Health Centre in Kew.