Historical information

The Female relative's badge with 2 Stars is believed to have belonged to Mrs Keane. She had 2 sons who served with the 6th Battalion 2nd AIF.
VX6710 A. Keane was killed in the Battle for Crete on 2nd April 1941. His brother VX6725 L. G. Keane was taken prisoner in the same battle.

Physical description

oo430 . 1 WW1 Memorial Death Plaque,
, .2 WW2 Females Relative Badge also known as Women of Australian Badge with 2 stars
. 3 WW2 Mother and Widow's Badge also known as the Weeping Woman's Badge with 1 star.

Inscriptions & markings

Death plaque named to Clyde Alexander Lumsden. Female Relative badge No 8252 Mother and Widows Badge No 708