Historical information

This item was used as a duffele bag to carry equipment (ie. blankets, clothes, food) by the service man, Stanley Linton Nicholls. Nicholls was born in Ballarat on 16 June 1911 and was enlisted during WW2 into the second Australian Imperial Force on 4th August 1942 in the third military district of Victoria. He served as a Corporal and was discharged on 19 December 1945.

Physical description

Canvas bag, cylindrical in shape with closed round base and open, drawstring top. Smaller circle of same material attached inside drawstring opening as an internal cover/flap when closed. Metal eyelets (12) along top hem for drawstring (missing); two eyelets missing. Name and service number inscribed on side of bag in paint; slight staining around paint.

Inscriptions & markings

Side panel: “S.L. NICHOLLS/VX84489/45017”. Green circle with three line breaks at even intervals. Green circle repeated on base.
Base: Green circle as above. “45017”