Historical information

A photo of a troop ship in 1917. This could be the ship Private John Basil McLean travelled to Europe on, and the signatures were his shipmates and the photo was kept as a souvenir of the voyage.
Was with other World War 1 memorabilia that has come from Private John Basil McLean, 2nd Reinforcements, 37th Battalion, A.I.F.
J.B. McLean (Service No. 13824) was from near Maffra, Victoria and enlisted on 22 January 1916. He embarked on 16 December 1916 on the transport "Medic" for Plymouth, UK, arriving on 18 February 1917. His full war record is available from AWM. He spent time with the Australian Field Artillery (Pack Section). At the end of the war he worked for a year at the A.I.F. Headquarters in London before returning to Australia on the 'Ceramic', arriving Portsea in 1920.
Some of the names that are visible are: AA Nelson, Runs, Cyril Barling, Ballantyne, H Robinson, MRH Wright, WG Brabney, NM Hart, HG Worboys, JV Martin, Lardner, JJ Charity, OH Newton, ? Martin, HE Thompson, ?, Bertram May, ? Allam, EJ Burge, LJ Baker, AW Lampard, AS Wickers, Frank H Buff.
From Motor Transport: HL Brown, WJ Osborne, EB Kirby, FG Prowse, JW Aspinall, TH Masonette, HR Hadacre.
John B Ryder, HW Humphries, David Thomas, VV Pahtonson?
Allan Cartlee, PH Doolan, W Riddell, W Rillovison, FR George, HH Syllis, Wm Ford, JBM McLean, ? Gale, F Marsh, CSM McLean, Frank H King, C Pregeau, DW Parsons, Reginald G Edwards, RW Hornabrook.
John B Ryder, HW Humphries, Dempsey, HE White, AE Lee, WR Somersby, Phillip L Higgins.
Frank H ?, C Prg?, DW Parsons, Reginald G E?, Dick Cushe, and others


A record of a troopship photo being made to commemorate the voyage.

Physical description

Black and white photo of troop transport ship with signatures of passengers on the border.

Inscriptions & markings

Signatures in black ink around the border. Gold stamp of the photographer: 'Exchange Studios, 47 & 49 Pitt St Sydney'.
On the back in ink: '13824 J.B. Mclean A.A.S.C. Reinforcement / Intermediate Base / A.I.F. Abroad /
Signatures of A.S.C. Motor Transport and friends on board the A.7 / 17.2.17'