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A greeting card published by the Australian Comforts Fund for Christmas and New Year 1918-19. It shows important battles involving Australians in 1918. A painting of Villers Brettonneux battle on 8 August 1918 by Captain Will Longstaff who was an A.I.F. War Artist with an explanation of the offensive. Also a painting of the capture of Hamel Village on 4th July 1918 where Australians were assisted by a detachment of Americans. The war artist was A. Pearse.
Was with other World War 1 memorabilia that has come from J.B. McLean.
Some of the text: 'On the night of 24th August 1918, the Australians made a daring and clever counter attack in the darkness, recaptured Villers-Brettonneux, stopped the German advance and saved Amiens. This, and the Battle of Hamel, were only a prelude to the smashing advance which commenced on 8th August.
Extract from Australian Corps Order, issued on 7th August:- "For the first time in the history of this Corps all five Australian Divisions will tomorrow engage in the largest and most important battle operation ever undertaken by the Corps."
85,000 Australians were engaged (with Canadians on their right and British Divisions on their left), supported by powerful artillery, tanks and aeroplanes. In this battle 7,000 prisoners, 150 guns with an immense number of machine guns and war material were captured. On August 31st and September 1st and 2nd Mont St. Quentin and Peronne fell to the Australians in three days, defeating the flower of the Prussian Guard.'


A example of publications made for the troops in World War 1.

Physical description

A greeting card published for the Australian Comforts Fund in 1918.

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Greetings from Bill