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Cash book: Communist Party Australia (Victoria?)

From the Collection of Unions Ballarat 24 Camp Street Ballarat Victoria

Book; 191 pages.

Cover: brown background; gold lettering; title ("Cash Book").

Loose pages - account balances, Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australia, Victoria Street, Melbourne.
34 cm
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btlc, ballarat trades hall, ballarat trades and labour council, communist party australia, cpa, politics and government, financial records, democratic labor party, australian labor party, communism
Historical information
Income and expenditure of the Communist Party Australia (Victoria Branch?) from 1915-1954. Includes memberships/affiliations.

Wikipedia ( describes the Party as originating in 1920 although the beginning of these records precedes that date by five years. It is also noted that the party officially dissolved in 1992, although the record held ceases at 1954 when the funds were transferred to Building Trades Federation Trust Account. The records are contemporaneous with Robert Menzies' attempted ban of the Party in 1951. The records cease in 1954 which was a time of active paranoia in Australia about Communism. The Labor Party split happened in 1955 leading to the formation of the Democratic Labor Party (a party describing itself at anti-communist).
When Made
Made By
Community Party Australia (CPA)
Politics and government. Financial records keeping - Communist Party of Australia.
Inscriptions & Markings
Preliminary pages, in pencil: "Relief Fund see page 47".
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