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Provenance Order


1. Photograph of Len Baker in WWI British Army uniform; 2. Certificate of Transfer to Reserve 1918; 3. Photograph of Len and Edie Baker's wedding in 1932; 4. Letter from St Paul's Church of England, East Kew vicarage 1940; 5. Letter from City of Kew 1941; 6. Wallet from City of Kew given in WWII; 7. 2nd Australian Imperial Force Certificate of Discharge, dated 7 May 1941; 8. Australian Military Forces Volunteer Defence Corps Certificate of Discharge dated 15/3/42 - 9/10/45; 9. British Passport issued 20 April 1971 from British High Commission Canberra The items were donated by the great-niece of Len Baker. Each item can be viewed in the image carousel above.