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Collection - Photographs, Documents and Artefacts owned by Leonard James Baker

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc Level 1, Kew Court House 188 High Street Kew Victoria

A collection of items owned by Leonard James Baker who enlisted in the British Army in WWI then migrated to Australia and enlisted in the Australian Army in WWII. The period covered by the collection is 1918-1971.
It includes:
1. Photograph of Len Baker in WWI British Army uniform
2. Certificate of Transfer to Reserve 1918
3. Photograph of Len and Edie Baker's wedding in 1932
4. Letter from St Paul's Church of England, East Kew vicarage 1940
5. Letter from City of Kew 1941
6. Wallet from City of Kew given in WWII
7. 2nd Australian Imperial Force Certificate of Discharge, dated 7 May 1941
8. Australian Military Forces Volunteer Defence Corps Certificate of Discharge dated 15/3/42 - 9/10/45
9. British Passport issued 20 April 1971 from British High Commission Canberra
The items were donated by the great-niece of Len Baker. Each item can be viewed in the image carousel above.
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ww1 (1914-1918), second world war (1939-1945), first world war (1914-1918), ww2 (1939-1945), wwii (1939-1945), wwi (1914-1918), len baker, city of kew
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