Historical information

Harriet Cecilia Hordern Williams (1889 - 1968) was the grand-daughter of William Hordern (1830 - 1881) and Cecelia Monger (1830 - 1914). William Hordern was the sixth of seven children of Anthony Hordern Snr. who established the Anthony Hordern & Sons department store in Sydney which operated from 1923 to 1970. Harriet's mother Cecilia (1854 - 1934) was married to Christopher Williams. Harriet's uncle William was appointed commissioner of the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1903. Her cousin Doris Amelia Hordern (1889 - 1970), as Doris Blackburn won the Federal seat of Bourke in 1946 following the death of her husband who had previously held the seat.
This branch of the Hordern family has a strong connection to Hawthorn through their home "Stramshall" in Auburn Road Hawthorn and also with the Auburn Baptist Church.
Harriet Williams enlisted in the Australian Army Nurse in December 1916 and served as a Staff Nurse until her marriage in London in 1919.


This certificate is significant to the history of Hawthorn and Australia through its connection with the Hordern family, the home Stramshall in Hawthorn and with the Auburn Baptist Church. It is significant to the history of the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne as an example of early 20th century training protocol, in the persons who signed the certificate and the photographs of the hospital buildings of that time.

Physical description

Leather bound certificate of two pages hinged together as a book. Gold lettering embossed on the front. Gold ornamental border embossed on front and back.
Inside a personalised presentation certificate on one page.
Second page has photographs of the Melbourne Children's Hospital circa 1916.

Inscriptions & markings

Certificate Reads:
Childrens Hospital/ Training School For Nurses/ Melbourne October 5th 1916
This is to certify that Harriet Cecilia Hordern Williams has attended the prescribed course of Three Years Teaching at the Training School for Nurses in connection with the Childrens Hospital and has passed the examinations necessary for registration as a TRAINED NURSE.
Signed by:
Lalla Williams - Signature of Nurse
M. J Turnbull, President
Cora C. Oakden , Honorary Secretary
F. Hobill Cole M.D.
A. Jeffreys Wood M.D.
E. Alan Mackay M.B.B.S.
Douglas Stephenson M.D.M.S.
A. E. Rowden White M.D.
Stuart W. Ferguson M.D.
Captions on the photographs read:
Convalescent Home Brighton
Nurses Home
Children's Hospital Princess May Pavilion
Red Cross with banner beneath reading BY LABOR MUST THE PRIZE BE WON
Printed on certificate: Sands & McDougall Limited Melb.