Historical information

The bible class met at "Overton" the residence of Stanley Chapman at 33 Pakington Street Kew, There is a photograph of Overton on the State Library of Victoria website

Physical description

A commemorative collection of oval photos with names below arranged around a central photo of S Chapman Esq. E. Mitchell, W. Gall, A. Tonkin,B Keene, ____ , W Waugh, W A Blake, F Walsh, G Lamble, F Loxton, A Scott, A T Glasson, G Vimpani, W Wood, A Halloway, W A Robinson Hon Sec., W McCagheen, P Shier, ____ , ______, H Lamble, K Pearson,_____ ,_____,

Inscriptions & markings

Reverse: "Donated to Kew Historical Society by Miss Y Dalton" [1990]