Historical information

Team Road Races were a popular feature of club cycling in the Western District of Victoria during the second half of the 20th century. The shield was initiated by the Camperdown cycling club to record team winners of the races held between the clubs in the Western District of Victoria.


This shield has an important place in the history of cycling in the Western District of Victoria.

Physical description

A large wooden shield with silver coloured plated plaques containing inscriptions of team winners of road races in the Western District of Victoria. There is a smaller shield in the centre of the shield depicting a cyclist and above and below this are banner like plaques with inscriptions on them. Many of the inscriptions have worn with age.

Inscriptions & markings

"Perpetual Shield/Ian Davis - Gift Specialist/Camperdown .... CycleClub/Annual Western District/Teams Championship/1948/Terang ACC/No1 Team/1949/Terang ACC/No 1 Team/1950/Warrnambool ACC/No1 Team/1951/Warrnambool ACC/No1Team/1952/WarrnamboolACC/No1Team/1953/Sebastopol/ACC/1954/Sebastopol/ACC/1955/Geelong/No1 Team/1956/Camperdown ACC/1957/Sebastopol/No1 Team/1958/Geelong ACC/No1 Team/1959/Warrnambool ACC/No1 Team/1960/Geelong ACC/No1 Team/1961/Camperdown ACC/No 1 Team/1962/Geelong Camperdown/No1 Teams/ Equal/1963/Camperdown ACC/No 1 Team/1964/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1965/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1966/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1967/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1968/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1969/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1970/Geelong ACC/No 1 Team/1971-1976/inscriptions faded/1977/Warrnambool ACC/No1 Team/1978/Warrnambool ACC/No1 Team/1979/Geelong/N. Wilson/Godfrey/MacAuley/Hose/1980/Geelong/Inscriptions faded/1981/Geelong/G. Williams/N. Williams/D. Libbis/C. Judd/1982/Geelong/G. Williams/R. Bush/ P. Macauley/I. Wood/1983/Colac/P. Forster/P. Rippon/P. Taylor/D. Lunn/1984/Ballarat/Sebastopol/P. Taylor/M. Leverett/D. Keirl/1985/Geelong/D. Williams/G. Fitsimmons/B. Crane/L. Clinnick/1986/Colac/D. Lunn/C.Caspon/D. Allan/P. Jannsen/1987/Geelong/G. Williams/P. Macauley/B. Crane/D. Fitzsimmons/1988/.../1989/.../1990/Colac/C. Cashin/D. Forster/L. Nogera/S. Cropley/1991/Colace/C. Cashin/J. Stirling/S. Cropley/1992/Geelong West/D. Whitford/D. Wilson/P. Evans/M. Varker"