Historical information

Messrs Wood and Sellars names are on the trophy in recognition of their service to the Geelong Cycling Club.


Club volunteers are important to the club and this trophy serves to recognise endeavours in this field.

Physical description

This trophy is in the shape of a wooden column set on two small wooden bases. The second base has a plaque attached to it with the title of the trophy. The column of the trophy has small rectangular plaques with the name of each winner inscribed on them dated from 2006-2016. Images of two cyclists in an embossed gold colour are fixed to the top of the trophy.

Inscriptions & markings

"Geelong Cycling Club/Wood/Sellars/Memorial Road Race/Perpetual Trophy/2006/Andrew Graham/2007/Terry Stacy/2009/Brian Happ/2012/Ned Volk/2013/Paul Rettke/2014/Shantelle Maurer/2015/Tony MacKenzie/2016/Josh Williams"