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Photograph - Ceiling fresco, Ballroom, ‘Southesk’, Cotham Road, Kew (dem. 1970)

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc 1 Civic Drive Kew Victoria

Notwithstanding its grand Italianate façade, the most important aspect of Southesk (formerly ‘Ordsall’) were the murals in the front two rooms. An article in the Melbourne Argus in 1882 records that Mr Vandenbrandt and Signor Rizzi created these under the supervision of Cullis Hill. This fresco from the ceiling of the ballroom depicts ‘Night, represented by a female figure in a diaphanous garment, skirted with flowers, wafted before the approaching dawn into space illuminated by the moonlight, and peopled by the fairies, is a striking picture. Flying with her are an attendant Cupid bearing an artificial light, and a tired little votary of Bacchus with a reversed wine-pitcher and goblet’.
22 x 32 cm
Object Registration
david carnegie, john halfey, southesk - cotham road - kew (vic), ordsall - cotham road - kew (vic)
Historical information
Colour enlargement of a photograph (slide) of Southesk (formerly Ordsall) in Cotham Road, Kew (demolished 1970).
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2 May 2019 at 12:20AM