Historical information

The medical instrument is used for the treatment of Trichomonas Vaginitis.
Insufflation has been a medical practice since the early nineteenth century, the earliest mention of it appearing in 1823.
There are descriptions of its therapeutic and diagnostic purposes in connection with almost every cavity of the body.
Despite being used widely across many Victorian health institutions, insufflation has not been regarded as a dangerous procedure.


The object is significant because it is representative of medical treatments used to cure sexually transmitted diseases in Aradale Mental Hospital in the 1940's.

Physical description

Black leatherette covered wooden box with a metal latch on the front and 2 hinges at the rear.
"Wyeth Vaginal insufflator for silver picrate" printed on inside of lid.
Blue, painted wood, custom made interior.
Four canisters of Silver Pictrate [Sealed]
One canister of Silver Pictrate [attached to Insufflator]
One canister of Silver Pictrate [Open but covered with a plastic top]
One Vaginal Insufflator (Holmspray)
Each bottle has a white paper label with blue banners at the top and bottom and blue text which reads in part reads "5 GMS Wyeth's compound silver picrate 1% powder"
A receipt of sale dated 18 February 1944 is included in the box.

Inscriptions & markings

Manufactured by John Wyeth & Bros Inc, Sydney, Australia