Historical information

With the advent of electricity, so to came the invention of the Electrocardiograph Machine.
This piece of medical equipment gave nursing staff and doctors a more precise indication of a patients heart beat and was used extensively across Victoria's medical institutions.


The equipment is significant because it is a fully intact example of diagnostic equipment used in a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia.

Physical description

Cardiotrace Electrocardiograph Machine in blue plastic case with black handle.
Electric cord
Cords to link electrodes
Graph paper to measure heart beats
Instruments on panel marked 'stylus heat', 'off', 'run', 'position', 'test', 'record', '1', '2', '3', 'aVR', 'aVL', 'aVP', 'V', '1/2V', 'lmV', marker.

Inscriptions & markings

Manufacturer: Medical Instrument Co. Pty. Ltd.
Distributor: Watson Victor Limited
Serial No: 3362
Cardiotrace Heat Mark III Electrocardiograph/Voltage 220-240 A/C /Frequency 50 cycles per second/Watts 45 serial 3362/Caution: Refer to Manual for full detail.