Historical information

Microscope were essential medical tools in diagnosing blood and tissue samples of patients. Microscopes were used at Ararat Mental Hospital from the time of its opening.


The microscope is significant as an example of medical equipment used at the mental institution in the 1800's.

Physical description

This microscope sits in an flat tripod, much like the American style foot.
It has an inclination joint.
The mirror is on a double jointed arm, allowing oblique illumination and above stage illumination of opaque objects.
The substage ring fitting can be removed to allow for extremely oblique lighting.
Removing the ring is easy as it is fixed by a simple bayonet arrangement.
Many microscopes had a bullseye condenser which attached to the stage, but this is lacking in this example, perhaps because the mirror can articulate above the stage.
Coarse focus is by straight rack and pinion, fine by micrometer screw acting on the stem.
There is an extendable drawtube which extends to allow optimal use of the objectives and a single objective and ocular are present.
The microscope is missing pieces such as glass slides and two side braces.

Inscriptions & markings

R & J Beck
Serial Number: 7925