Historical information

A diary written by Legatee Frank Doolan as he sailed to Perth and then visited Legatee Ivan Davies and his wife Mercy.
He mentions docking at King George Sound which was the harbour from which transport assembled to convoy to the Middle East for the first World War. He was greeted by a member of Perth Legacy, Keith Manwell. He mentions visiting Mt Clarence and The Anzac Desert Mounted Monument "which was destroyed by Nasser's Gyppos at Port Said, and of which the pieces were transported back to Australia, stone base and all complete. Where a new model was made by Ray Ewen at Frankston and was sent back to Italy to be melted down and recast. It is double life size and very striking, depicting an Anzac charging from a horse which has been shot down under shellfire, to a new charger - rearing to go."
He leaves the SS Kangaroo for a few days to visit a "Legacy pal", Ivan Davies. They toured his farm 'Carngham'. His observation at the end shows the comradeship of Legatees. "time to depart after several glorious days of perfect hospitality. To be accepted spontaneously as one of the family is the test of true friendship, and we received the full treatment from Mercy and Ivan at 'Carngham'".
The year is unknown but the trip was in March. It could have been before a Legacy Conference in Perth.
Was with other memorabilia that has come from Frank Doolan from both his war service and his time with Legacy. Frank Doolan posted this copy of his diary to Ivan Davies in 1978. Not sure how it and the cover letter (01131) were returned to Legacy's collection.


The diary shows that Legatees from different regions of Australia visited each other and had strong friendships over the years.

Physical description

A carbon copy of a diary x 11 pages, written by L/- Frank Doolan on a trip on the SS Kangaroo and a visit to L/- Ivan Davies.

Inscriptions & markings

Dairy is handwritten. Pages are numbered 67 to 78 in printed numerals in top right of each page.