Historical information

A chronicle of officials of the G.C.C. during 1909.


This honour board has an important place in the history of the Geelong Cycling Club and signifies the high esteem in which the community held cycling in the early part of the 20th century.

Physical description

Decorative wooden frame around individual photographs on oval ceramic plates and mounted on a wooden background. These are surrounded by pressed metal floral decorations. Inscriptions are in cursive script and painted in blue and white against the wood. There is a gold trim to the wooden frame.

Inscriptions & markings

"Geelong Cycling Club/R McGann/T. Jenkins/H.H. Barclay/C. Hobbs/A. Beaming, Club Trainer/C. Hudgell/G.A. Martin, Vice Capt/H.G. Cartriss, Captain/E.Kitchen, ICCA Delegn/W.C McEwan/C. Bartlett/B. Freedman,Auditor/Eli Phillips, President/H. Groves, Handicapper/A. Hyatt/H.W. Heath/J. MacPhee/J.McMahon/C. Farrell/C.A.Betts, Hon. Secretary/O. Rowlands/M. O Donnell, Com/J.Kilmartin/C.E.Hewitt, Treasurer/E.Walsh, Com/N.James, Com/G. Martin/H.Mills/L.Redman/A.Palmer/W. Loone/H.L. Kelly/W. Shields/R.Hobbs/Presented/Mr. Charles A. Betts/A token of esteem for valuable services rendered as secretary/Nov 9, 1909”