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Collection - Helen Bushell Kite Collection

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc 1 Civic Drive Kew Victoria

Australian Kite Society, Helen Bushell collection of kite-related material, including kites, photographs, documents, badges, etc.
Object Registration
australian kite society, helen bushell
Historical information
Kites created by Helen Bushell, Kew resident for many years, and a pioneer of kite-flying world-wide. Kites are hand-made, mainly by Helen, and many were flown in local parks of Kew. Documents provide some background to the collection, and a set of photographs, which was used in an exhibition at Hawthorn Arts Centre, help to identify the kites and where they were flown.
Individual items include:
2019.0047.01 - Make Mine Fly, Vol. 1 - book of instructions for making kites fly
2019.0047.02 - School Kites - book of 14 kite designs
2019.0047.03 - Helen Bushell Reaching for the sky (exhibition catalogue, 2017)
2019.0047.04 - Hansard (Victoria) Documents - statement by Natalie Hutchins, Minister for Local Government
2019.0047.06 - "Evolution" Trefoils - collection of advertisements for kites for sale
2019.0047.05 - Kite event badges on blue cotton sash (20 badges and name-tags)
2019.0047.07- Kite honours and B.A. Deakin plus Original Patents (Australian, British and U.S.)
2019.0047.08 - Helen Bushell, 1922- A Life in Kiting (28 panels mounted on board, showing photographs of Helen Bushell's kites, for exhibition in Hawthorn Arts Centre, 2017)
2019.0047.09 - 1986 Year of Peace Dove - paper pattern (15 copies + dowel rod)
2019.0047.010 - "Peace Dove" pattern August 1995
2019.0047.011 - Collection of drawings, patterns, poem, newsletters, etc.
2019.0047.012 - "Small birds" paper patterns
2019.0047.013 - Remake of old head "Fluted Sled" 2017 HB: nylon kite in heavy cotton bag
2019.0047.014 - Long yellow tail suitable for Rainbow Serpent 1992
2019.0047.015 - Long blue tail for Rainbow Serpent 1992
2019.0047.016 - Moth c. 1975
2019.0047.017 - Hand-held peace dove (used for Helen Bushell's memorial 2017)
2019.0047.018 - "Song for Bill" kite
2019.0047.019 - 7-point clown kite

When Made
c. 1975 - 2017
Kites and associated documents belonging to Helen Bushell have local significance for Kew, as many were flown in the area. They have artistic significance in their representation of Australian indigenous, Chinese, New Guinea and other cultural symbols. Among the documents are poems, books on kite-flying written by Helen Bushell, badges and cards from international conferences, and Australian, British and American patents for kite design. One kite shows an aerodynamically-designed keel which helped to improve safety for hang-gliders.
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7 Aug 2019 at 12:00PM