Historical information

A chronicle of Life Members of the G.A.C.C. during the mid 20th century. Note that cyclists of international acclaim - notably Russell Mockridge, Sir Hubert Opperman and Don Wilson are included in this list.


This honour board has an important place in the history of the Geelong Amateur Cycling Club and signifies the high esteem in which the community and the GACC held for the significant contribution many members made to the club.

Physical description

A mahogany coloured wooden board in a rectangular shape with a decorative top and gold lettering providing the names of the Life Members of the GACC at that time.

Inscriptions & markings

“GACC/Life Members/Crowley G/Foster F/Ross HJ/Beaton A/Holliday RS/Henshole Mrs/Henshole LD/McPherson A/Butterworth A/ Long HA/Mullany S/McMurrich RP/O'Dwyer T/Ward HR/Mockridge RG/Jones S/Mumford J/Lockwood EJ/Coster B/Reed J/Finn CH/Hine RJ/Opperman H/McDermott P/Johnston RA/Lee J/Rodgers NA/Jordan R/Wilson D/Wood R/Neagle M/Robertson P/Clarke G/Buckwell R/Osborne H/Presented by/J Reed & J Hunt"