Historical information

A chronicle of officials of the G.A.C.C. during 1955-1982


This honour board has an important place in the history of the Geelong Cycling Club and signifies the high esteem in which the community held cycling and those working behind the scenes during the 20th century.

Physical description

Wooden Board in mahogany colour with gold lettering. The board is in the shape of a rectangle and has a decorative top to it.

Inscriptions & markings

"GACC/Office Bearers/President - Secretary/1955 Hunt J/1956 Lockwood EJ/1957/Lockwood EJ/1958 Lockwood EJ/1959 Lockwood EJ/1963/Lockwood EJ/1964 Holliday RS/1965 Holliday RS/ 1966 Neagle ME/ 1968 Johnston RA/1969 Johnston RA/ 1970 Rodgers NA/1971 Rodgers NA/1972 Wood R/1976 Wood R/1977 Buckwell R/ 1978 Buckwell R/ 1979 Dillon M/ 1980 Dillon M/ 1981 Buckwell R/ 1982 Bush E/ Lockwood EJ/Lockwood EJ/Hunt J/Hunt J/Coppins H/ Reed J. Stokley RW/Hine RJ/Price A/Hoffman KR/Hoffman KR/Hoffman KR. Hine RJ/Hine RJ/Holliday RS/Holliday RS. Hansen G/Hine RJ. Jordan R/Jordan R/JordanR /JordanR/ Taylor G/Jordan R/Thomson D/Thomson D/Hose A/Alerton G/ Alerton G/Alerton G/Presented by /J Reed and J Hunt”